Let logged out users access data on a page

Hi bubblers !

I am building a referral app.
I have clients using the app to let their clients make referrals to other people (referees).

I set privacy rules to let each of my clients access their own dashboards and prevent external people to access their company and their referrals data.

What I am struggling to do is that on certain pages, I’d like to let logged out users to access part of the data.
For example, I have a dynamic page where a referee, should see some info (company name, referral creation date, person who refer him, and some sensitive datas that just him need to see etc…)
As theses user don’t have an account (and I don’t want them to), privacy rules don’t allow access to data.
I am looking for a way to let them access this data on a specific page, and can’t figure it out.
I’ve tried to find a workaround with page url parameters as they receive the page url by email, but it doesn’t work as you can’t set anything related to it in the privacy rules…

Any ideas ?
Thank you very much.

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