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Let us come together and help Bubble grow

Hello Bubblers,

I found Bubble around 6 months ago, and it has changed my life in incredible ways. I love the:
• Service (As a Sass, and Support)
• The Forums’ incredible community and generosity to help one another
• The services built Bubble (Plugins, Zaps, etc…)

And I just want to give back by being a kind of ambassador for bubble, I truly want to see more people using this service, it is a truly huge game changer. And the larger the community gets, the better for all of us, as Bubble will only improve and the improvements will be companding for all of us.

And I have an idea on how I can spread the word:
• Writing reviews on the following review websites (I know normally we go to vet our anger on these sites, but it should be also for sharing our love for the services we enjoy…)
• G2
• GetApp
• TrustPilot Bubble Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of
• Telling and showing my friends and family about what it can do
• Creating resources for Bubble (Plugins, eBooks, Courses…), this last one is hard, but it pays off financially too…

Sending my love to this community, and looking forward to us continuing this great energy we have here.


I found bubble about 3 years ago, It all started when I was looking to build a CAD for a GTA 5 Roleplay Server and bubble was the way to do it. I became fascinated with the process and the outcome of what i had built. While that didn’t turn into to much I built so much knowledge on bubble that I have built a small Esports Business off bubble. And now i get to travel to events and meet thousands of people of year. I found a passion thanks to bubble!


:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Thank you for your support!



@simao Great review :slight_smile:

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