Let us know your Plugin Wishes

Hey everyone,

we’ve just released our 100th Bubble Plugin :partying_face:.
Are there any Plugins that you would like us to develop next?
Please let us know and we’ll get on it :slight_smile:



How about some social media posting tools?

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Impressive, hats off to you. I like your collection of Plugins :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy:

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WE NEED THIS SO BADLY !! An image and video slider that allows for dynamic data like the way instagram display images and video in the same post.

One plugin has come close but it requires that you know the order of the images and videos and state which slide has image and which has video in the editor so it dosen’t allow for truly dynamic data.

I’d litteraly pay $50-$100 dollars for a plugin that does this !

(I’m not technical but I struggle to understand why it hasn’t been done. Surely each slide has an image and a video element in it and based on the file type it just shows the video element if it’s .mp4/.wav etc. Or shows the image element if its .jpg/.gif etc)

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Thank you !

Ok we’ll look into that.

That sounds interesting, well look into that .

A plugin to integrate Jotforms into my bubble apps. Instead of having to build out my own complex form builder in my app I can embed a Jotform and get the data into my bubble database…

This would be a dream come true.



There are three that come to mind immediately and I’ve written about them in the past.

  1. a decent date picker that works well on phone and computer browsers.
    Here’s the one I’ve cobbled together in “native” Bubble:
    It returns a date field with the date part set to Jan. 1, 1970.
    The UI works beautifully, much better and more precise than silly spinners and UI candy. But as a Bubble reusable element, it cannot be bound to a field on a thing. That’s a limitation a plugin would, of course, overcome.

Also, this kind of time picker needs to be combined with a decent date picker as a single plugin that can be bound to a date/time field.

  1. search and select with dropdown.
  1. A fully functional and highly flexible calendar like Air Calendar purports to be.

Finally, there are a couple of essential considerations:

  1. Plugins must function perfectly and with appropriate UI on phones, tablets and computers. For computers, that means they must be keyboard-centric, i.e. wherever possible, all user interaction with the plugin must be optimized to work well with hands kept on the keyboard, not requiring use of a mouse or touch-screen. And on small screens, they must stay visible and accessible onscreen so the user isn’t fiddling around dragging parts of the element around in order to access features that must be touched.

  2. The plugin developer must be held accountable by Bubble to ensure that subscribers to a plugin are protected when the developer disappears for any reason.

Good luck, Noel.

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Snapchat Plugins. The younger demographic is all on Snapchat and it won’t be going away anytime soon. Snapchat offers the following API’s: https://kit.snapchat.com/

I’ve got the login API working using Mintflow’s Snapchat API: https://bubble.io/plugin/snapchat-1552912227427x855683540583972900, but it would be so awesome to have access to the other ones, especially the Bitmoji API in order to get access to the user’s stickers.

Also, it might be possible to send notifications from our web apps to the phone as Snapchat notifications (and it would be free). Mobile notifications have been a hot topic on this board so this might offer some/all of a solution. Not sure if one of the Snapchat API’s supports this or not - someone smarter and more technical than me might be able to figure it out :>


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better xml parsing

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Is this not the functionality of the newly released plugin:


How about a search analytics plugin - https://www.searchblox.com/
The above one would be great!!

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I’ll check it out. Thanks.

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Do you have time to create Gauge meters? I need that actually for a project that I’m working on atm. Happy to look into sponsoring a certain amount if you have time. You can release it commercially. Message me if we can work something out here. :+1:

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A good functioning and looking toggle on-off element is needed. There are some in the plugin but they do not do the trick. Better Toggle ( https://bubble.io/plugin/better-toggle-1579142663191x584695513456836600) is a good attempt and is free so not complaining. & Toggles - Beautiful & Custom (https://bubble.io/plugin/toggles---beautiful--custom-1592859247043x537131931860729860) is close but the check box is separate from the element in the demo page making it a little cumbersome.

Signifying on or off or check or unchecked is hard to determine with just color and the little check box is or dynamic input (check or on or yes) would be rad!! Adjustable color too, please.

This screengrab below the best I have found on the web that is very distinguishable and looks clean. The shadows and size of everything are on point


An Amazon SES email plugin that makes it painless to get ses working with bubble. I’ve still not got my head around setting it up with bubble api manually & there’s no tutorials on this forum or net (that I’ve found). Thanks.


Need a plugin for extracting nested json in the Backend flow.
Currently there are a lot of plugins that work with nested json in front end. But no backend at all. It should be able to iterate through the nested json too.

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You can already do that with Data type API Call. Can you explain a little bit more your usecase?

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Hi @Jici,
I need it to use with webhook. My webapp is B2B where my customers will use webhook and link to my site.
If I use the bubble api connector then if I have like 100 customers then I need to setup each time for each of them. While having webhook I only need to setup 1 time and all of them pointing at my endpoint.

And the iteration of nested json, I need it because the json returned from my customer is the SKU of the products which sometime only 1 SKU and sometime maybe more than 5 SKUs depending on how much “end-user” purchase the products.

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