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Hi @Jici,
I need it to use with webhook. My webapp is B2B where my customers will use webhook and link to my site.
If I use the bubble api connector then if I have like 100 customers then I need to setup each time for each of them. While having webhook I only need to setup 1 time and all of them pointing at my endpoint.

And the iteration of nested json, I need it because the json returned from my customer is the SKU of the products which sometime only 1 SKU and sometime maybe more than 5 SKUs depending on how much “end-user” purchase the products.

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I would love a plugin that could work out Perceptual image hashes, like Dhash, AverageHash or similar.

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Hey, this post seems the perfect place to kindly offer you to check this topic:

Cheers ! :slight_smile:

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Wish there can be a FREE pugin for this FREE magic sign-in tool