Let user's client to access a page and make changes without authentication?

The feature I want to implement in the crm I’m building is for the app’s user to be able to add/upload a client’s contract and then be able to send a link for his client, so they can review the contract and sign it.

My question is how should I approach this since I don’t want the user’s client to be required to sign in/sign up?

Didn’t test it yet, but should I create a new page (with the client unique id as url parameter) that searches for the specific data thing accordingly to the url parameter?

Is this the correct approach? How likely it would be for a random person (not the real person linked to that unique id) to access a contract from another user by trying out a few changes in the url? How to prevent this? Appreciate any insights


I’d add a password to the contract page, for the client to enter to ensure no random person stumbles upon the page. Otherwise your general process should work!

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