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Lets have a discussion about the mess in this category

Hello everyone, you may know who I am, you may not. I would like to talk about how much of a mess this category is. I have some ideas and maybe you the community and other companies can come up with some and post them as a comment in this topic feed.

How about we try to stop advertising on other companies/persons posts and you make your own topic?

We can also try to stop all this arguing and maybe all the Computer Aided Dispatch/Mobile Data Terminal (CAD/MDT) sellers can agree on something.

Also, some of the others (You know who you are) know what I have did and I regret it entirely, I want to say sorry for what I did. How about lets try to stop stealing and reselling CADs without permission? Some people made these CAD/MDTs and people steal their work. How about the people who paid money to sell those CAD/MDTs who get scammed because someone doesn’t want to pay for a product? That really isn’t fair if you think about it.

Also the copyright issue. If you did not create the CAD/MDT you cannot say its copyrighted by you. There’s something called the All Rights Reserved Copyright (I’m not sure if other countries besides the United States has it. Please let me know). The All Rights Reserved copyright means that the copyright holder reserves for their own use, all of the rights provided by copyright law. Typically, if materials are copyrighted with all rights reserved, users are not allowed to republish them without copyright holder’s explicit permission.

If we can do this, then maybe there will be less fighting and more honesty. If we achieve any of these things maybe we can do more!

Signing out

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I Agree and Add me @xperttechnologiesinc DNA RebelMan#2020