Letting Users Add Input Fields

Surely someone else has asked this so I apologize, but I can’t find a clear answer for it… Does anyone know the best way to allow users to add(/duplicate) an input field? Sometimes quantities of related information drastically vary from user to user, and it would be ideal if the user could add/subtract input fields according to their need, such as in the screenshot below.


Yes, you could have a field on your collection called “custom input” (or whatever) and that could be a list of another thing, which will have a type and an input.

The purpose of you the “quantity” is a little unclear - as you could just keep adding new inputs - or is this to limit the number ?

Thanks for your reply. I think you’re a few steps ahead of me. The screenshot doesn’t represent something I’ve already done, but something I want to accomplish from a visual standpoint. A real life example would be something like an online job application, where users input their job title history from the last 10 years. Applicant “A” might have had only one job title, where applicant “B” might have had 10. Rather than estimate and design for the highest possible number of job titles, I’d rather there be only one job title input field when the page loads, with an “add” button for people like applicant B to increase the number of input fields that appear.

The Qty thing is probably a separate topic. In the above example, it might represent the number of years the applicant held each position. (I’m trying to build a grid of info for both input and display, and keeping tracking of rows and columns is tricky).

This example was for another forum post but it shows how you might add a new record (and therefore a row) to a repeating group. So in your case when the user clicks on the + icon, you could add a new job history record for the user.

The tricky part might come when a user clicks the icon but doesn’t actually input anything. You would then be left with an empty record. To get around this, you could, as I think I’ve read @NigelG advise a few times, initially create records with a status of ‘draft’ and clear the status when values are entered. You could then only show non-draft records when the page is loaded plus run a workflow to clean up draft records later.

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