"Liking" feature is too slow

Hi guys,

I’m trying to build a “likes” system into my learning app which allows students to like comments of courses. I build a data type called “Like” and I defined a default value for every “like” as a number. (1 for every like) Then, I bonded the “likes” to the related comments. It works well in theory, it adds and deletes “likes”, calculates the sum of likes correctly etc. But it works very slow… I shared a screen record below. Should I do this kind of things with API workflows? I’m currently on the unpaid plan, when I switched to the paid plan will it works faster? Do you guys have any recommendation?



With a Scheduled API Workflow (save the ‘like’ to database) and using custom ‘state’ (for user appearance) will fix the slow problem on any plan.

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Great thanks :slight_smile: but how can I sustain the existence of custom state when the page is refreshed and how can I bind it to the user for every session?

Hi, just a question. If I understand correctly the Bubble plans, the API workflows can be launched for the number of times provided by the plan signed according to the following table.

For example, in the personal plan once a month, in the team plan once a day. How compatible is this with a liking system? Maybe I’m missing something in Bubble limits plans??

Hi @gm.zumbo

What you are seeing on the pricing tiers is for recurring workflows–workflows that are automatically run periodically.

There is no limit to running user initiated workflows, as with a liking system.

@mebeingken thank you very much for clarifying my doubts!