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Limit data Get Api

hello, i have a Get call directed to a log. the amount of file is large and the bubble always shows a warning in the debug I believe it is due to the amount. I’ve done it in the editorhello, i have a Get call directed to a log. the amount of file is large and the bubble always shows a warning in the debug I believe it is due to the amount. I’ve done it in the editor limiting the amount of RG does not work. he only shows me 5 data but he loaded the whole log first, I wanted to limit this call. I can ignore some fields in the connector api plugin, but even in this the data is too much, I need your help. I can provide some images if my explanation is confused.


In the API documentation, do you have a way to limit size per call? Or could you range the request per date, for example, this way you just get the logs from the last request time until now?

If you want to share the API documentation, I check to see if I can help you with that.

I hope this helps!

thanks for your reply fast. in the api documentation there is no way to do this, and they claim that I have to filter. my idea was to get only 5 or 6 records from two categories: Name, date How can I make this filter you proposed? in the parameter I send the date together to perform the RG update automatically if it helps.

I also noticed that when I make this call it takes significantly longer than the others, I don’t know if it’s because of using it as an action and it doesn’t date like the others.

This filter needs to be done on the API call, but the API must be waiting for these parameters to limit the number of entries or date range.

So you need to see how the API handles this, because if they don’t handle it, every time you make a request it will bring you the entire list.

I believe that’s why you’re taking so long in your request and also getting this message in the debug.

Please, let me know if it makes sense and if I could help with something else.

I’ll open a ticket in the api and use your words, I’ll get back to you soon

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Wanna share the api docs? I can check them out real quick!

I found the api’s Wiki.

you can try the parameter ‘Limit’ with a number as the value

what endpoint are you hitting?

id check out this documentation

Sorry I don’t understand (what the end point is reaching) I’m translating into my language.

What url are you entering into your api call?

The firt Get

Ok. That doesn’t allow limiting

Here you can only filter, not limit.

How many sessions per user are you returning?

My app is multiuser so this session is on the dashboard being updated every 10 sec. My idea was to bring only 5 dice

So when you ask for a users sessions, how many items does it return?

How large is the array?

I joined the call again. The call is this item
ActivityLogService And not Sessions. But in the project I use this Sessions too

The returno is 43k lines

You need to include the parameter of Limit On your api cal

Yes, to Sessions What can be done ? Any idea ?

It appears that Session can only be filtered by the deviceID as shown here

43k lines isn’t crazy BUT you definitely don’t want to load 43k lines of anything into bubble at once. it’s too slow to handle it!

you may want to consider a custom javascript solution if this is still too much data to pass back into your app or if you want additional filtering done.

I am finishing up a rather large job now but am available soon to discuss this and build it out for you!

I appreciate your help! It would be nice to have a solution but I certainly won’t be able to pay you for it.