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Limit Data Type Entries

@DaveA You’ve been very knowledgeable and helpful on this board. Maybe you can help me with what I hope has a moderately simple solution.

I have a page with 7 identical groups numbered 1-7. Each of those groups has inputs to store data for the same Data Type.

In the Data Type I have an index field which stores the number assigned to each group.

Basically, what I need is for a new user to be able to log in, navigate to this page and fill out those seven groups. The user needs to be able to modify those groups at will without accidentally creating more than seven entries in the Data Type. So for instance, the user might log in and submit data to Group 1 for the first time creating a new thing. In future sessions, I need to make sure they’re modifying the same entry and not creating a new one.

Hopefully I’ve done a decent job of explaining what I hope to accomplish

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