Limit Data Type Entry

Can someone help me with the workflow on limiting a users entries to different data types depending on their subscription plan?

Example would be let’s say starter plan is 100 entries on a data type the next plan is 1,000 and the last plan is 10,000 entries

Thank you!!

Hi there, @austinweinland… if I was doing what you described, I would probably start by using an option set to define the subscription plans, and the option set would have an attribute that defines the entry limit for each plan. Then, I would consider having some fields on the User data type in which I would store a count of the user’s things in the different data types, and I would update those counts every time a new thing is created.

With the option set and those fields in place, you could, say, disable the buttons to create new things and/or show some alerts when the counts in the fields are equal to the entry limit associated with a user’s subscription plan, and you would always have easy access to the counts because they are stored on the user instead of having to be calculated in real time.

Anyway, I think that is how I might approach this one, and I hope this helps, even if it’s just food for thought.


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