Limit of 50 records on "each item"

Hi There.
In a backend workflow, I want to return all users who are members of a list of groups passed into the workflow.

Even though the total number of users in those groups (collectively) exceeds 50 users, Im still only ever getting a maximum of 50 records returned.

“Result of step 1” is simply a “Make a change to this object” which references the list of groups. No actually changes are made to the group, I just use it to create a reference to the list of groups.

This is how Im returning the user objects:

The filter is just filtering out certain people, but not limiting the number of records returned.

But only 50 are ever being returned. 50 seems very much like Im hitting some kind of limit, but cant find mention of “50 things” anywhere.

Anyone any ideas?

You’ll need to check the debug_mode results to understand why. Activate debug_mode and examine the filter to obtain the necessary information.


Can’t debug_mode in backend but check the Bubble logs.

I’m pretty sure there is a limit on number of things to return via API but I can’t remember exactly.

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Certainly! Oh, definitely, my mistake. If you can replicate this logic on the front-end, it would be helpful to use debug_mode though, else I would go with @georgecollier