Limit SaaS to specific areas

Hello Bubblers,

I am building a SaaS and I want to roll out the service to specific markets/ cities - namely Phoenix and San Francisco.

However, I allow users to onboard and signup themselves without any approval.

I collect their name, phone, email address and IP address, but has anyone have any ideas as to how to limit the software to the aforementioned areas?

Hi @brentparker76,

If you already captured the IP address, you can then retrieve and save the city, using IpGeo plugin. From there, you would be able to create some conditional where User’s City is in XX miles of SF or User city is in XX miles of Phoenix.

You can put this conditional directly after sign up (e.g a popup that specify the user that he is not in service area) or only for certain action on the SaaS. Depending your needs…

Hope it helps!

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