Limit to Words in Input Fields

Is there some best practice to limiting how many words or characters can be in an input field saved to a database? I’m working on an app that lets people take notes while reviewing the works of William Shakespeare. Is there a problem if someone wants to write thousands of words in a multiline input field?

What about this?

you decide the limits when you deign your app… want them to take copious notes…fine…limit them for whatever reason fine too. if you have an app for taking notes why them limit them? anyway…if you do give them a visual indication of how many words, characters they have remaining …with this niffty free plugin 🎛 New plugin - theCountable (now free) from @yusaney1

I don’t want to limit them. If someone wants to write 15,000 words about something, I want them to be able to have that option. But is there some limit to Bubble’s database?

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Step 1. Create a test app
Step 2. Create a thing…with a text field.
Step 3.Create an input.
Step 4. Go to anyone of the random text generators on the web and keep adding text and words until you are satisfied then save that to the Database.
Step 5. Tell us how you did