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Limit use of site before requiring payment

Hi everyone,

How can I limit use of the site before requiring payment? Perhaps setting up the site for 7 day free usage then requiring payment. Another option would be letting users see limited content before requiring payment.


Hi @Em1

The second approach is easier. Give the type User an extra field like “memberstatus”

When user first signs up, set memberstatus=free

When a user pays, set memberstatus=paid

Now, on individual pages, you can use element conditionals to show/hide content depending on their status.

For example, you show the content to user with =paid status, and if a user has =free status, you could instead show a message like “You need to pay to see this content.”

You could also do an on page load workflow check and redirect a user to a payment page if their status is =free

Hope that helps.

Wow! That was so fast. Thanks Andrew. I’ll try it.


No problems. Let me know if you need help.

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