Limit user displayed based on other users actions

I have a list of users (clients) who have signed up on a first come first serve basis. They each have a number that indicates their position on the list. I have a separate smaller group of users (consultants) who will see those clients.

I’m trying to make it so that each consultant sees a client name displayed on the page and can click done to see the next available name. I’ve been trying to write the data source and logic in different ways to account for the active client, those who have already been seen and who’s next.

I’m struggling to get this to move in order. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can incorporate the list position number along to display the next available client who hasn’t been seen and isn’t currently being seen?

Hi there, @the2017… if I understand your post correctly, a concept does come to mind that, while I haven’t built out an example to test it, I didn’t think it could hurt to throw it out there.

It seems like you could have a yes/no field called seen that defaults to no, and when a consultant picks up the next available client, flip that client’s seen field to yes. With that field in place, getting the next available client when a consultant clicks done should be as simple as doing a search for clients where the seen field is no, sort the search by order number, and get the first item.

Anyway, just food for thought there, and I hope it helps.


I haven’t done what you are discussing and I hope I am helping, so here it goes:

For each client, have a yes/no data field named “seen”. When a new client gets added, set this to “no”.

When your consultant wants to see the next client, retrieve the value as follows:

search for clients (sort by date added):first item where seen is “no”.

If they click your “done” button, it will update the client’s “thing”, setting the value of “seen” to “yes”. Then you can just repeat the search above, which should bring up the next unseen client.

Does that make sense?

What a fantastic idea, @firstfifteensoftware! Couldn’t you have at least changed the name of the field? :wink:

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