Limiting call volume to Google Map API?

Q. Does the Google Map API get called if the element that is using a distance-from condition is hidden? The goal is to minimize calls to the API to reduce overall cost and cellular data traffic.

Example is it better to combine a conditional test or break it up:
GroupA (when X is true AND distance-from is true) Show
(stuff to show)


GroupA (when X is true) Show

  • GroupB (when distance-from is true) Show
    (stuff to show)

Where GroupB is a sub-group within Group A.

IE: If GroupA is not visible would the distance-from in Group B still invoke the Google API call?

Thanks in advance,

Any time an expression that references a geo address’s fields is evaluated an API call is made. That’s probably an easier way to think about it.

Hmm… yes that is true but does Bubble logically test if the group element (a Div I suspect) is visible with something like $(this).is(’:visible’) as a wrapper function when they generate the code so that the internal code (a second If statement in this case) is only evaluated if visible=true. If so then a GroupB would be better, if not then it would serve no purpose. Hard to say, but I will run some quick test with my sniffer to see if I can catch the packets and know for sure. Unless I am really missing something (which would not be the first time).

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