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Limiting Dates of Searches

I’m trying to perform a search to populate a chart, and I’d like to limit the dates of the data points I’m using. I was thinking the best way to do it was to use a Constraint on the Data Source search for the chart element. However, I don’t see the type of operators necessary to accomplish it.

My data source has a bunch of entries, and ideally I’d like to only show the last n-number of entries, otherwise my chart will overflow (too many data points). I can either do this by constraining the actual dates (somehow comparing current date with the Created date of the entry), or I can simply just show the last n-number of entries (not sure how to do this either).

Doing this by date, I’d need to be able to build a constraint similar to (Created Date > Current Date - [n calendar days]), where the result would be only showing data points where the Created Date is within n days of the Current Date.

Any help on how to accomplish this would be appreciated. As I said, alternatively I could also just do a fixed number of entries from the last, but I haven’t found a way to necessarily do this either.