Limiting options in dropdown based on user role

Hi Guys,

I have created a messenger, where students and mentors can chat.
My problem is in the dropdown, when you log in as a student then only mentor email ID should show in the Dropdown box (choose email) and when you log in as Mentors then all the student email ID should show.

For e.g let’s say our mentor email id is and 4 students have a login.

Then, if I log in as a student only I should see mentor email id i.e and when I log in as mentors then all the 4 students’ email id should show in the dropdown.

For now, I have given the condition like this - the unique ID is of

But now, when I log in as a mentor it shows all student’s email id including mentor email id.


And when login as a student then it shows only mentor Id but displaying 5 times, as 5 people have a login (4 students & 1 mentor)


I want only one email id should show when I log in as a student and all the email id should show when i log in as mentor.

Does anybody have a solution for this?

Hi there,

Firstly I would say the the hard coding of the User’s Unique Id and Email are almost certainly a bad idea. Far better (as you will see) to have a field on the user of “Type” and set it to Student or Mentor (for example).

The reason that your dropdowns are not working is that you are using “Option Caption” on your conditional - that is the text that is displayed for EACH row found in your Choices Search (on the Appearance tab).

So all it is doing is going an finding all 5 users, and showing "" in each one.

You need to use “Choices Source” instead and change your search criteria rather than captions.

I agree. Go with this method. It is far more simpler.

Where are you at in the process right now of your idea? I think it is brilliant.