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Line/bar chart - Sorting (grouped by:) - Order


Having Option set used to display groups at the Line/bar chart:

And would like to have the ‘descending’ order displayed in the front end (where the question lies…)

Order would be: Idea, project, business idea, startup, company, personal brand

Does anyone knows how to achieve this? Thanks!

I see it’s getting alphabetical order, right?
Maybe try this: Change the options’ Display in the alphabetical order that you want, and create inside the option the “Category Name”
Then in the Line/bar chart you may put the option to show the “Category Name”…

Or you may add a :sort in the grouping,

There are some things you could try

Category name sounds good, but haven’t figure out how to reach it, can you display some screenshots, or elaborate? Thanks!

Have tried with sorting, there is no option to do direct sorting by Created date, etc, but there is an option to; Sort by: Change which field, and although very promising, that “option” doesn’t work, as the whole chart data has been disrupted (that can be seen in the screenshots below).

It’s not possible to use Created date because you are using Option set, not Data…
Try creating a field inside the option like “Order → type number”, fill the order with 10, 20, 30, 40, (so you can change if you want later) and then using “:sorted by Order”

Could you please share a screenshot of how that looks like, it sounds that will work! :slight_smile:

Could we in the meantime have in mind to not disrupt dropdown menus across the app that are using the same Option set?

If it works like the planned, it won’t disrupt anything…

  1. Click on “Create new attribute” → Order_number (typer number)
  2. Click on Modify attributs
    Idea → order_number = 10
    Project → order_number = 20

Now i understand the Attributes at the Option states :slight_smile: Thanks!

Have tried to sort it by the Option state’s attribute, and there is no such option. Am i missing something?

Damn it… I’ve tried here some things, these solutions are not possible.
I noticed that the grouping is not alphabetical, it gets the order of your database.
The oldest data is the first grouping bar, the 2nd oldest data will be the 2nd grouping bar, etc

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Thanks for your spirit and endeavor!

There was luck between the “C”, “A” and “B” ordering, e.g. if you check the first two imaged of this tread, you will see example of the option set with 6 fields, and front end result that seems totally random, whereas interesting thing is that the order doesn’t change over the time… :slight_smile:

Any other ideas, or points? -.-

only if you created data to be older than your user’s, so bubble gets the order…

Or maybe try another plugin, but I’m out of solutions :frowning:

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