Link between 2 data types in a RG


I have in my database a Data types to collect the rates of my activities.

There are 3 different types of rates that must be indicated by the administrator.

In the database, this is what it looks like:

And on the admin side I’ve set up :

I’d like the activity to be displayed only once on the admin side, with all 3 prices in the same line.

Is this possible?

Lemme get this clear, do you want all the tariffs to be listed in the cell for the admin to validate (either 140, 160, or 250)?

Currently, my problem is that the same activity is displayed 3 times. The only thing that changes is the rate, which is different (which is normal because a new line is created in the database as soon as a new rate is indicated).

So yes, I’d like a way to avoid duplicates.