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So I am really focused now on SEO and the need to create a site map as well as internal links plus backlinks.

I am wondering if anybody has experience in this area and could share their thoughts as to best practices.

Right now I am thinking that the best way to go about this is to first create dynamic pages that are pulling the data from the D.B. for each product, so I have one page for each product.

To make each product page unique and indexed by google I am assuming that a nested URL would be best, as it would also look nicer…( name)

What I am thinking right now is that my internal link structure would need to utilize Links to allow users to traverse the site as opposed to workflow events (go to page). My thought is that when using the link element it would be necessary to have the link be to an external URL as opposed to an internal page.

I am not sure if there would be much of a difference there but it seems like the external URL is more apt to be viewed by google bots as a link rather than something similar to a workflow event (go to page) as the internal page destination option seems to be the same idea as a “go to page” work flow event.

At this point I believe using a dynamic data expression for the external link destination URL…so I am thinking that in my D.B. in the “product” data type I would need to have a data field for it’s unique nested URL.

Any thoughts on this strategy or input from experienced bubblers who have sites ranking well on google?

My entire web app is focused on generating leads…I will have lots of products and blog posts etc. that I want to have a page created dynamically for each.

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Created another similar post in hopes of getting some conversation started on the subject