Link data from a repeating group to an input form

Hi Guys and Girls,

I am trying to link data from a repeating group to a rating form.

The repeating group shows the emails of the personnel as selected by the relevant task number in the drop down.

What I am having trouble with is that I cant link the rating group on the right hand side to the relevant user highlighted in the repeating groups “Current Cell MSO Email”

Can anyone give me guidance on the best way to do this please?

Ideally, when you click on the review button on the left hand side the rating group will then link with that cells user to rate their performance.

Thank you and please feel free to ask any clarification questions!

So I think what you would need to do is this …

The Review Group would have a type of “User” and when you click the button it would “show” the group and set the data to the cell that is clicked’s user.

Then you would update the Group’s User, depending on the ratings.

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