Link database with UI in function of the user's account

Hi everyone,

I’m a new bubble developper and I’m actually working on an mobile apps which could help people who have language disorder to express themselves. In this apps you can create an account an then you can log in to this account.

Moreover, you choose 3 or 4 images to match them together make a logic sequence of image to make a sentence and express what do you need. For example, if you want to buy water and bread, you can say it throught 4 images :

  • image 1 - the context (where are you ? in which place ?) : supermarket’s image
  • image 2 - the need (what do you want) : water’s image
  • image 4 - another need (what do you want again) this fourth image is optionnal, you can choose only 3 images) : bread
  • image 3 - the action (what do you to do with the object you’ve choosen in the place where you are ?) : buy

So if match this image, you’ll have : image 1 + image 2 + image 3 = I’m in the supermarket and I want to buy water and bread

So that’s for the main part of the apps. Secondly, we can customize or create some image and save it in the user’s account. You can also add your sequence of image in your favourite list if you often use it. Each change is supposed to affect the current account of the users who 's made this change. So if the user 1 customize or add a sequence of image in his favourite list, it will be accessible only throught his list of favourite of his account only. You can’t access this image with another account. Each customize or created image is proper to the image.

What I want to know is about th database structure : How can we save it properly in the database of the user and how to recover the user’s data when he logs in to his account ? How to make each data change made by one user proper to him ?

In fact, if you can’t understand what i’m trying to say, I wanna know how we can create a session system in my app from the creation of the database to the implementation of the worklows ?

Best regards.


I recommend going through the built-in lessons at

This is fairly standard stuff for Bubble, so the lessons should set you up well.

I don’t find what I was looking for. What I want is to know how we can implement a session system ?