Link Element Custom event

Hello Guys

I have a link element in my design section within a repeating group, I am trying to create an event when the element “Read More” link is clicked but when select the option when an “element is click” I can not find the element read more in the option list can someone help me out?

Hi there, @moserbcudi… to define what a link does when you click it, use the properties editor of the link element, not a workflow.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Mikeloc Yes I have done that but I want to create a new thing l when it is clicked, so my problem if you look is that if you look at the image you can not find the link element in list of options

Yes, I understand the link element isn’t available in your screenshot. What are you trying to create when the read more link is clicked? Can you use a different element?

Yes I figured the solution to that would be to use a button instead, thanks for your attention

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