Link Facebook Account to a user that's already created


I’m having user’s sign up with their own personal email. I then want to give them the ability to link this account with their facebook so they can add a profile picture to their account.

How do I do this? When I use the sign up / login with Facebook workflow, it creates a new account for a user. I want it to just link to a user that’s already been set up.

Thanks so much.

There are probably threads on this already.

We use Auth0 to do the heavy lifting, but you can do the OAUTH yourself in the API connector.

The trickiest bit is grabbing the token from the URL, but that has also been done by Keith I think.

@brendan.falk97 did you figure this out?

@NigelG I can’t seem to find any threads on this. Please help me find one and share on here. Thanks a lot

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