Link for password reset only a link in Outlook on mobile and not desktop

This one is a weird one. I have two unique issues:

1.) I’m not getting a password reset email when I try the normal process and leave “just make token, don’t send email” unchecked. I’ve double checked the email address, went through debugging and confirmed the step was passed. I’m just not getting the email. I checked my spam folder too. Nothing.

2.) When I try this process in this video from Coaching No Code apps, it seems to work, but only on mobile. In my Outlook email on desktop, for the same email I get, the link is not active. It is just text; however, when I look at the same email in the Outlook app on my mobile phone, the link is active. (This is even the case after clicking on “Click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented download of some pictures in this message.”)

Any guesses or suggestions on either issue?

Are you just using the free emails built in without linking a SendGrid account? Might be why it’s not sending for some weird reason…

Then for #2 try putting [url](your link here like she shows in the video)[/url] or even if you want to make some phrase like “Please click here to reset your password” clickable and go to the link you can do [url=]Please click here to reset your password[/url] Creating links with BBCode

1.) Yeah, because I have no idea what SendGrid is about, but it appears to be important. Nothing is made clear in the manual in this regards. And now after setting up SendGrid and getting API key I get an error because the from email bubble is using is “admin” versus my actual email address. I don’t have an email address “admin”.

2.) I’m not following what you’re saying here. Can you dumb it down for me? I think I don’t have some background knowledge to follow what you’re saying.

Yea SendGrid is integrated in Bubble so when you send emails it’s supposed to automatically go through your SendGrid account with your templates and stuff, or if you don’t have an account you get some free emails like you’ve been testing with but it comes through Bubble’s domain.

Personally I don’t like them at all, the pricing is a little high and I got two account perma-banned after sign up for no reason before I could even login, then a third account is completely fine with the same sign up info. (wtf???)

I and a lot of people here recommend Postmark instead, they have an API that’s pretty easy to set up. Or the free plugin for getting set up quick.

Also yea it’s a stupid idea to require verification through [email protected], I was lucky enough to use the alias feature in Google Workspace so I could just make the admin email real quick for free. But I stopped using SendGrid anyways :laughing:

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Then for your #2 issue, yes you just do this in the email body:

Then it appears like this in the email, even on desktop (my token is empty in my example but yours would have a valid one):

Just do one or the other, 1st one is the link but clickable, the 2nd one is text that is clickable but goes to the link.

What is happening to you is the email action is just sending the link as pure text so that’s what your desktop Outlook is showing, but your phone is being smarter and recognizing it as a clickable link. Putting in BBCode like this makes your browser actually recognize it as a link.

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