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Link from reusable to individual group?

Hi all, I have a single page app with multiple groups. My footer is a reusable element so I need the links in the footer to point to individual groups, is this possible?

For clarity, I have a custom state to link to groups, for example When index's selectedGroup is 'contact-us', then show contact-us.

But, this ‘selectedGroup’ custom state is on the index page, I can’t refer to it on the reusable element so how do I open group ‘contact-us’?

You could do something like this example:

Here is the editor:

The only difference would be placing conditionals on the groups and have them visible if the parameter matches. Also it may be useful to use an option set for the names of the parameters so you do not have to type in a String but instead can just reference the same option set on the reusable element and on your index page. Option set would also make it easier to update in the future as you would only have to change the ‘code’ in one location.

This didn’t work. Is there no way to have a link (in the reusable footer element) and simply link to index and show ‘x’ group? Why is this so difficult and why is there no info anywhere on “single page navigation from reusable element”?

Put a hidden group on your index that gets data from url as its data source. then for each group on your index give a conditional to only show if that hidden groups thing is a specific thing. On your reusable element make a workflow for each link to ‘go to page index’ and check the box to send additional parameters and set the parameter based on which link was clicked. This will work. If you can make your app editable by others and dm me the link I will be glad to help.

Thanks @williamtisdale that looks like the solution.