Link generation is broken?

Hi All!

I’m experiencing link generation failures and wondering if I am the only one?
I have a link element, its properties screen is below. It’s a link to an internal page with additional “pid” parameter. Until recently it was working fine, but today I notices that the resulting link has “0=” instead of "pid=, i.e. the actual link in the client’s browser is “”. Is there anybody else experiencing similar problems recently?

Links and URL paramters are workign fine for me…

but it looks like yo’re not the only one having this issue:

URL parameter key-value string has a broken format - Need help - Bubble Forum

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I’m seeing this as well. @adamhholmes already shared the link to my post in the forum.

I filed a bug report.

If you file a bug report as well, then maybe the Bubble team will prioritize fixing it.

Hi Rashad!
I already did and Bubble team reported fix just recently. My app is working ok now.

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