Link not sending data to destination page

I’m pulling my hair out trying to figure out why this isn’t working.

I have page A with a repeating group. Inside the group, each item has a link to a detail page.

In the link options, I am choosing “Data to send” and selecting the item. I know the item works because I can see it in the repeating group.

However, on the destination page, the data doesn’t populate.

I even tried sending through a URL parameter but it is always blank on the destination page, no matter what field I choose.

I have checked security settings for the database item, and it has full permissions. I can’t think of why else the link would fail to send the data to the destination page.

Ok, I figured it out.

The data I was sending was the “parent group’s thing” but the parent group had a blank data source. I needed to set it to have a data source of it’s parent group’s thing.

I wish that when you’re in a repeating group, you would always have the option to pick the repeating group’s cell, instead of having to pass the item down through multiple groups.

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