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Link photos that have been uploaded multiple times with Picture uploader to a single user account

I am creating an app that has a login function in the app and also allows users to upload photos and manage them in the admin panel. However, when the same user uploads again, the past photos are updated and disappear. Is there a way to tie all photos uploaded multiple times to a single user?
I want to prevent the Picture part of the following pictures from being updated. I’m using picture uploader as a plugin for uploading pictures.
I would be very grateful for your help.

plugin for uploading pictures : picture uploader

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Hello, same issue for me. Did you found a solution?

Is the ‘Picture’ field on the datatype just an image? If so it can only hold one image value at a time.

Depending on what you want, you can create a field for images and tick ‘this field is a list’ - that enables you to save more than one thing to that field.

Or else, you can create a new data type called ‘Pictures’. It would only need one field called Image or Picture or something as the ‘creator’ will be the user who uploaded it and you can search that datatype based on matching ‘creator’ to the user you want to show the list of images.