Link to a Record in an Exterior Website?

Ok, so I know this is not a Bubble-specific question, but I am wondering if any of you gurus know how to link to a record of an exterior website using a record ID?

Specifically, I want a user to be able to verify a daycare license by clicking a link to the State of California’s department of social services database using a known facility number ID and link directly to the facility instead of having to type in the facility number. The website is Social Services - Community Care Facility search

Appending the 9 digit facility number to my link isn’t working. I know it can be done because I’ve seen others do it, and I’ve tried to recreate what they have done, but I can’t get it to work.

Did you try appending the number right after this URL?

Technically, the URL below works, for example, when I put 111222333 as the number:

So here’s my setup with an actual facility number (I have each state’s social services dept saved to my DB and dynamically pulled):


Here’s where it goes:


And if I update my url to this (I saw someone else’s website do it this way and the link worked on that page):


Here’s what temporarily happens in the address bar:


But then when the page loads with the facility number apended, this happens:

The first version was correct. It has two slashes before FacDetail though. Get rid of one of the slash and it should be fine. The other url translation is happening on their end.

That worked! Thank you!


You should test if FacDetail works with other states’ pages as well. It may be only this one :slight_smile:

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