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I’m using a link destination to an external URL which is actually in internal URL. I’m using this process to get a path in my URL for SEO. Here is an illustration :

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But I don’t really know How the “external URL” is read by Google ? Is there any difference in the code with an Internal URL ?

Many thanks !

I’m not really sure about the impact here. What I would suggest though is to instead use an actual link element and just style it to look like the text elements. This way, you should be confident that google will pick up on it as an internal link and follow it (at least crawl it) and use it to ‘map’ out your site and better determine what the page the link lives on is about.

One idea here is with a blog…if you have internal links to other articles of the same category, google upon finding those internal links, will follow them and become more aware of the particular articles content.

I believe it also helps google overall in understanding the content and subject base of your entire site as internal links will help them assess and compare their findings to your sitemap.

Hi @thomas.gounot,

You’re already using a Link element, and that’s a good thing. However, you should be using the Internal page option. Just select homme as the Destination page and then enter the productID as the Data to send

Better yet, use the productID as the data type’s page slug, and then you can simply specify the Thing itself - e.g. Parent group's Product - as the Data to send.

The resulting URL on the rendered page will be the same whether the External URL or Internal page option is used, but it’s more Bubble-like to use the latter when possible, since it references Things instead of relying on concatenated strings. Plus, if you decide to change the “homme” page’s name, you won’t have to manually update the external URL.

And lastly, if you want to send query string parameters to the destination page as well, enable the Send more parameters to the page option.


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Thanks for your answers !

@sudsy, the problem with the “send more parameters to the page” is the “?parameter=” in the URL. It’s not good for SEO.

So I’m looking for a solution I can send two parameters (product ID and Gender) with simple URL. That’s why I used external links but it’s not the best solution I suppose.

If you have any idea, tell me


Oh, ok. Your original post didn’t say anything about a second (gender) parameter.

Sure, I’d be happy to plug my plug. :wink:

Sudsy Page will allow you to do what you want and more.


I have already seen your plugin, it seems really interesting! But is it working when I come from another page and I want to send two parameters to a new page ?

In my case, there is a link in the header which links to a page which needs 2 parameters.

I’m not sure but I have the feeling your plugin is only working for a single page with multiple data possible inside.

Thanks for your help !

So to be very clear, my question is : is there a « go to page » or « link to another page » URL path functionality ? :slightly_smiling_face:

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