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Link to page with previous/next alphabetical thing data source

Hi there!

For context, I have a database of Elections, and a page that displays info on that election.
What I’d like to do is have links on the left and right side that link to the previous and next elections in alphabetical order based on the Election Name. I’m having trouble figuring how to make that happen though. Any suggestions or resources would be appreciated!

Use a Repeating Group.
Set the RG’s data as
do a search for elections
In here, filter this list by ‘Name’. That should make it alphabetically ordered.
Within the RG, set up the text and content as dynamic data using current Cell’s election’s …

Then set the RG’s properties as ‘fixed cells’ and set the rows and columns as 1 each.
Now add a previous and next button outside the RG and in the workflow of these buttons, set the action as
Element Actions -> Repeating Groups -> Show Next
Element Actions -> Repeating Groups -> Show Previous

Hope that helps

Ranjit | Blur Apps

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