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"Link" two text fields together

I want to do a quiz with both yes/no answers and multiple choices. (Don’t mind the stupid questions, it’s just a test :grin:)

The problem I have is: I’ve succesfully made it understand that my yes/no field is related to a question, as you can see with “yes/no” and “answer” fields.

And as you can also see, I can’t do the same with “multiple choice” and “correct answer” field.
My idea was to create repeating groups with random multiple choices’ texts and 3 answers (one of them being the correct one). Then I would make the radio button check “correct answer” related to that particular multiple choice question.

The radio value needs to be written exactly the same as the correct answer (case-sensitive). Then it will be able to match the correct answer with whatever the radio selection is. Is this your question? Or are you trying to save the correct answer to your database of questions?

I’m trying to save the correct answer to the database. Is there a way to just enter that field’s value wherever I want it? (For example, type 341 m/s beside the question “What is the speed of sound?”)

Yes so if you have a repeating group of questions, have a text element to display the multi choice question and an input field both inside the cell. Have a button in the cell as well to save the value of the input.

When button is clicked > make a change to current cell’s question > correct answer = input field’ and value.

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I would try, in this case, to use a numeric input field to test for 341.

Then, if m/s is part of the answer, use a dropdown with other options
use 2 input fields separated by a “/”

You might want to re-structure your data. Technically, ‘yes’ and ‘no’ are multiple choice options. Think of it this way:

Data Type: Test
Field: Question
Field: Answer
Field: Multiple Choice (this field is a list)

Then, when someone answers a question, you could test for ‘Answer’, no matter how many multiple choice options you may have, even if it’s just ‘yes/no’. 1-2 workflows should do the trick.

That’s a good idea! I wonder if it’s possible to randomize correct answer’s locations too. For instance, you can vertically display random data with repeating groups, but not horizontally.
From what you’re saying, I would create a repeating group with let’s say 4 random questions.
Then I would create 3 more texts in this group, two with bogus answers and one true.
Problem 1 is, I can’t display static text as the questions would be random. If I just display random things from the multiple choice field, it would create additional problems i.e. fake answers to the question “what is pizza’s main ingredient” may yield “cars”, “on summer solstice” or “Louis Armstrong”, which would be hilarious but not my objective :wink:
Problem 2 is, I could get around this by making one column the correct one, which of course would defeat its purpose.

Very true.