Linkedin Bug - The redirect_uri does not match the registered value

Hey Bubblers,

I am trying to integrate Linkedin into my signup but have hit a brick wall… I have tried everything and followed all the advice from other blogs from up to 5 years ago and nothing seems to work.

Basically, after a user clicks my “signup with linkedin” button, it comes up with an error message of “The redirect_uri does not match the registered value”

The client key and secret are absolutely 100% inputted correctly, and after following bubble’s general “” and numerous other strings I can still not get it to work.

The URL string I am getting looks like this:"

Would really appreciate any help with this!


Be sure that the redirect_uri is the same in your request and in your app setting in linkedin dev

Also, why don’t use the Bubble oAuth2 auth in API Connector??

Decoding the URL … ({"oauth_provider":"linkedin","resume_key":"1588564384262x602218987059533300","used_redirect_url":""}&scope=r_liteprofile

Doesn’t look like a proper redirect URL.

Thanks for the reply jici! How can I see redirect_uri in the request?

Also, do you know of any guides to help with the API Connector?

Cheers :slight_smile:

I changed a few characters

I have exactly the same problem. Did you solve it?

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So actually you are not using the API connector for that?

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Following, I’m having the same problem

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I am using Bubble’s LinkedIn Plugin

ha! Sorry. I don’t know how the plugin work in this case.

No problem! I will try the API connector today based on your advice, thanks :slight_smile:

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Not yet unfortunately!

Something’s wrong with the link that Bubble gave us

It hasn’t made a difference for me, plugin vs no plugin. Gotta be the redirect URL / URI

Yeah that is what i’ve been thinking… frustrating hey!

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Can you share setting in API connector and in Lindkedin APP configuration?

Hey Tim,

Figured it out for the plugin at least.

Use this for your LinkedIn redirect URL:

The bolded part is where you input your project details.

I’m still figuring out a solution for the API connector, since the connector can scope more data than the plugin.


The API Key value generated when you registered your application.

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