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Im sure this is really simple but can not crack it. I have a workflow that signs the user up via linkedin which creates the records just fine.
I have another button that is just for logging in using linkedin. This however currently creates a user in the database. How do I only allow current registered users to login this way. Ive tried a variety of ‘only when statements’ but most still inject a sign up at some point during testing.

I asked a similar question here. You may find some of the responses useful.

thx louisa, i can limit activity by applying a rule but can not find a way of stopping the users mail being injected into the db

What I ended up doing is this. In my sign-up flow, I set a field on the user record. Let’s call this registered (yes/no) and set it to yes when a user signs up. Then in my login flow I have a rule to delete the user if the registered field is not set to yes. I then display a prompt to sign up. If the field is set to yes however, I continue with the login flow, which takes the user to their dashboard etc. I hope this helps.

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That sounds like a good workaround thanks. I didn’t think of deleting the record as part of the workflow. I’ll do that but it feels like there should be a better way perhaps by having separate log in/register plug ins Or a ‘if user already exsists’ checkbox.

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Yes, it would be better to have different actions for sign-up and login with social but that’s still not supported as far as I know.

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