LinkedIn Plugin - How do I specify a redirect URL which has a dyanmic parameter?

Hi. I’m using the linkedin plugin to load an image to a user’s profile.

The URL of the page is:<user$unique_id>

The call works if I hardcode the <user$unique_id> as the redirect URL in Linkedin. Obviously, the unique_id changes with each user. I’ve tried removing the unique_id, but I get an error that the redirect URL is invalid.

Is there a wildcard or some other way to handle the parameter in the redirect URL?

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I think you’re going to want to condense all LinkedIn API requests into one page/URL of your app for convenience sake. During user signup or within a profile edit page, force the LinkedIn connection and ‘sync’ the data to your app’s database one time, then you can reference this raw LinkedIn data any time in the future, and if someone wants to re-sync their account they can go the the page that you’ve authorized as a redirect.

This is obviously only a good solution if you’re simply wanting to pull in profile data like name and profile photo. If you need access to the API often you’re going to want to continue investigating your options. Not sure anyone (Microsoft) will be implementing wildcard redirect auth for LinkedIn anytime soon, so you might just be in a tough spot for the time being.

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Possible workarounds:

  1. Have sign-in/log-in be on page where the URL doesn’t contain a unique_id (eg. the page-level content is null)
  2. Improvement on 1, rather than page-level content stick all the content in a giant group. This would avoid a parameter in the URL, but may create other problems. Not sure what.
  3. [doesn’t work] Move the workflow to the API. There isn’t an action for user to sign in with social media in the API workflow
  4. Look for service workaround because all of the above aren’t great solutions.