Linking a profile, that has already been created, to a user

Hi all,

I am creating a patient handling app and I can’t seem to link a patient to their already created profile successfully.

An admin creates patients in the system to take notes/completed activties against.

That patient may (or may not), at a later date, sign up to view there notes/complete other activities, on a mobile part of the app, at a later date when the admin asks them to e.g. sends them an automated email that asks them to download the app on their phone and signup.

How do I link the patient profile to the newly signed up user while also making sure the user is who they say they are?


Hi @CeCe - you could create a Data Type called “Patient Record” which would include whatever patient info your admin needs (you may already have this implemented with the patient “profile”?) . Then the admin can add notes/completed activities for that patient. The Patient Record should also include a field for the patient’s User ID (bubble’s User Unique ID). This field will be empty initially and will be filled when the patient’s account is created as a bubble User account.

When the time is right to provide the patient with login access to their info, create an account for the patient and assign a temp password. Then send the patient an email with username/password info. This approach assumes you create an account for the patient as opposed to them creating an account for themselves.



Add the patient’s Patient Record Unique ID to the patient’s User Data Type and also update the patient’s User ID field in the Patient Record Data Type with the User’s Unique ID. This will allow you to search for User’s if you’re starting a workflow in a Patient Records group/repeating group or search for Patient records if you’re starting a workflow in a User group/repeating group.

Hopefully this makes sense. I think it achieves the linking of patient profile to the patient (new user) you’re looking for - but not sure if it helps with validating who the patient (new user) is?

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I will give this a go.

Thank you for the quick and detailed reply!