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Linking Data from RG button /popup to RG

I have a group with a button to create an Order and its Name.

Orders and the Name are displayed in a RG, there is also an icon (button to add items from a popup). Inside of this RG I have another RG to show its Items but I’m having difficulty linking them together to have Items created in an Order (show an Order and all of its Items).

Here is an image to show my setup:

I may need additional data fields and/or my workflow steps are incorrect/missing. I really dont know how to tie these together and could really use some help so that each Order shows its list of Items in the inner RG.
Group G (button) creates the Order and the Popup creates the Items for each order.
Does this make sense?

I found the problem… :slight_smile:

The Icon/button needed to be turned into a group in order to have a data source, Once this had a data source (Parent Group’s Order) I was finally able to use Display Data in the workflow to push that data to the popup (without it being a group the data was not being pushed through), then Show the popup.

Now that the popup had the data it needed to push the Parent Groups data (in this case the Order) I Create the new item in Step 1, In Step 2 Make Changes to Order (Item-List results of step 1) was finally being set to the right Order.

It was a good learning experience that only took a couple of days lol :+1: