Linking Database

HI everyone.

Currently I am building a location review app. Right now I have problem linking all reviews the users made about that location to that location. So how do it link the review data to one location entry in another database?


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Have you done the lessons here:

These should discuss that for you. :slight_smile:

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  1. In the database, create a “thing” called location. Add a field to the location thing/object called “review”. Make the review field of field type: text. Also make it a list (multiple entries)

  2. Go to the design page where the user will add the reviews. In the taskbar, add the “multiline input” box to the page. Add a button and call it submit.

  3. Add a workflow to the submit button. When user clicks submit button, “create a new thing”, Set Location’s review equal to the input box’s value

Thank You very much that is very helpful