Linking DB entries with dynamic content

I am trying to build a simple tool for us to use internally.
We are pulling data from an API which displays from a Keyword DB into the front end. This is called keyword suggestions. Then, we are using an OpenAI API to give us suggestions on content for this keyword. The button is clicked and the API returns the data.
The OpenAI data is saved to a Content DB - how can we get this returned content to be assigned specifically to the keyword row?

As an example, the keyword maybe ‘Crypto currency guide’ and the Keyword DB would store the kw, competition and the difficulty to rank. The content DB would store the content idea for this (IE blog) - I need to then display this in the front end in a row with a toggle interaction to show the content.

You could use a backend workflow for this entire process (I mean the OpenAI API call)

You can pass the keyword record to the backend workflow so that once the call is made to OpenAI, you know which record to save the response to

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Even if its not on the same action? The data is being returned in step one by the API, then in step 2 the user can request the content ideas from the OpenAI api.
How would the API identify the specific keyword row to assign itself to?

Could you maybe post a photo of the page where you are doing this? You can schedule the workflow when the row is clicked and pass that record to the backend workflow

Yeah - its being created on Search then the Generate Content Ideas is calling the API from OpenAI:

The Generate Ideas has this as the API workflow:

But in the backend workflow I am getting this:

The aim is to get the content into this row:

Okay so in your backend workflow, add another field called “suggestion” and pass the “current cells suggestion” from your front-end button press. This will allow you to assign the content to that cell

Now the reason your content is showing an error is its probably not the same data type as what you have defined in your database. If you hover over “content”, does it say it is a text? If you open the issue checker it will tell you what data type you need to convert the content in to allow you to store it