Linking employee to business owner, and transactions

New to bubble, I have managed to create an employee create account facility within the business owners admin. I would like some help in linking the employee unique ID to the business owners ID. This will enable the employee to select optioins created by the business owner. For example if the owner creates a bacon sandwich, the employee can select a bacon sandwich, but he can alos see every sandwich prepared by every othe business owner. The use case is if the employee is selecting a sandwich, whilst they cant create the sandwich, they can from a dropdown see all the sandwiches created by the business owner, and the business owner only, and be able to apply that sandwich.

This is coupled with a way to give the owner an overview of how many sandwiches each of their staff have sold, i am doing this in a graph, so they don’t just see what they have sold, but the total number of sandwiches sold be the owner and all who work for him.

Any guidence welcome, as I don’t think this is possible without a plug-in.



Just clarifying here.

The business owner has a list of the sandwiches that has been made by their staff.

When their staff make a sandwich, they get that sandwich added to their list of created sandwiches as well as the list of sandwiches the business owner has sold. So the business owner gets the total of all his staff’s sandwiches?

Hi Lockymadera,

the business owner puts 3 sandwiches on the digitl sales list. bacon sandwich, egg mayonaise and tuna mayoniase on the list.
The staff can only select these three sandwiches from the menu.
John and James woek for the business owner.
When a customer comes into the cafe, they order an egg mayonaise and bacon sandwich.
James runs the service for this customer and selects egg mayonaise and bacon sandwich from the digital menu, he sells the sanwiches and digital receipts the customer for the two sandwiches.
Another customer comes into the cafe and orders an egg mayonaise and tuna sandwich.
John runs the service in the same way, raises a digital receipt for the sandwiches.
James can check his sales report and it will show 1 x egg mayonaise and 1 x bacon sandwich.
John can check his sales report and it will show him 1 x egg mayonaise and 1 x tuna sandwich.
The business owner can see the sales overview, 2 x egg mayonaise, 1 x bacon sandwich and 1 x tuna.
hope this helps,