Linking for SEO - Ecommerce

I am curious if anybody has any input on a subject I am pondering.

If I were to create an e-commerce platform that is meant to provide free sites to affiliate marketers whose pages containing products would be showing the product inside of an I-frame which is a link to the main “money site” would this be effective at improving SEO?

Also, if this method were to be implemented, how to make an iframe look and feel like the entire page? For example, if somebody clicks on the product page link and it opens a new page in an affiliates webpage but that page is just an iframe of the main “money sites” product page, how could this feel like the same page? ( really concerned with seeing the URL of the linked page in the iframe)

An another question is about how would you enable an affiliates customer ( page viewer ) to purchase when clicking on information in the iframe? For example, they see a product they want to buy, press add to cart…how could the product details get transmitted from the “money site” ( which is displayed in the iframe ) to the affiliates site ( where the customer is browsing from )?

Any thoughts, ideas, comments would be much appreciated. I think having more conversations around SEO and how to optimize in Bubble for it would help a lot of future bubblers whose aims are at building successful online companies.

By the way I posted a similar topic here with no responses, so hopefully could get some people to chime in with ideas