Linking images/files to a type

I am creating an app to track the sale of vehicles. “Vehicle sale opportunity” being the type. Within the Vehicle sale opportunity section I have created with various info on the vehicle I have created an Photo upload section to upload images.

I’m order to link the photos to a specific “vehicle sale opportunity” I have created type “photo” with File, File name, and Owner within the type. Then when a new file is uploaded I’ve set it up so the “owner” is set to “current pages vehicle sale opportunity” this way I can set a repeating group to display images in n any given file that only relate to that specific vehicle. “Display only images with file name - current page vehicle sale opportunity”.

When I have been creating the file uploaded there is an option to “attach this file to”.

My question is do I even need the file owner part explained in the first paragraph that I initially setup or can I simply set the uploader to attach to the parent group “vehicle sale opportunity” and that it ?

Any help appreciated