Linking individual words in a paragraph

I’ve been trying to figure out how to link a word within a non-linked paragraph, like below.

Also, what about if I wanted a word within a non-linked paragraph to perform a function, such as “upload a photo”?

For links you can open the rich text editor, then add links as you would in any other rich text editor, by selecting the text and clicking the ‘Insert A Link’ button (or you can apply the BB Code directly in the text window i.e. []anchor text[/url]).

As far as I know there’s no way to do that to trigger a workflow directly from a specific word in a text box (you could use some custom HTML and JS though).

Alternatively, you could break the text up into 2 or more text boxes, 1 containing just the word you want to be clickable, then run the workflow action on that.

You’d have to position them correctly so it appears as a single text, but that shouldn’t be too difficult to do.

Thank you. It appears that both options (bb and rich text editor) only allow a link using the full http://, you can’t simply link to an internal page directly? That is fine, but wondered if there was a 3rd option.

I’m not sure I understand the question? A third option? For what?

Links can be to external or internal pages URLs, it makes not difference.

Or are you asking about triggering workflow actions from specific text?

I mean that if I want to link from the ‘about_us’ page to the ‘contact’ page, I can not simply link to ‘contact’, instead I have to type the full URL (http://mywebsite/ I just thought there may be a way to link to an internal page without the need to type the full URL (no big deal if not).

Ah I see…

You could always set up an option set with the URL of each of your pages, then you can access the URLs in dynamic expressions.

Or, if you use a link element (instead of a text element) for just the specific text you want to use as your link then you can select an internal page directly.

Or you could trigger a workflow action using some custom HTML and JS if you really want to, then just run a ‘Go To Page’ action instead of using a link.

But otherwise, yes, you’ll just have to manually type the full URL into the link.

Thanks for the solutions. One big issue with typing the full URL in rich text section is that the link will open a new page, rather than ‘link’ to the page.

You can set the link to open in the same tab or a new tab using standard HTML target attributes directly in the BBCode.

So to open a link in in the same tab use: target="_self" in the BBCode.

e.g. [ target="_self"]Anchor Text [/url]

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That’s great, thank you!

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