Linking information between databases

I have a database which is for all products. However, (for filtering purposes when searching through my site) I want to have a separate database which can store information for specific product types. For example, Laptops - I want to be able to store the RAM, storage, OS information etc. but this wouldn’t be applicable to other products.

Is it possible to link them in such a way?

Thanks in advance

Not sure if that’s the best option (haven’t build online stores), but you can create a separate data type for each category (laptop, TV, wifi router…) of your possible products.
So, data type “Laptop-specs” (or “PC-specs” in general, to manage desktops and laptops within single data type cause they share almost the same attributes) will have attributes (= fields) like RAM, storage, OS and so on.

P.S. I’m almost sure you’ll have to create satellite search data types for making your searches more performant.
P.S.2 In Bubble manual you can see an example of simple Online Store / Ecommerce Apps data structuring, but it doesn’t cover your case in terms of having different product categories.

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