Linking radio/tick box display on dropdown selection

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I am trying to have my tick box options displayed according to the category selected in the dropdown.

Unfortunately I can only get it to show the same value as the dropdown and not the option set.

This is what it looks like. This is the Dropdown



It should show up the option set created for the OS Specialization . As you can see its not working correctly as its bringing up the same option selected

Developer Mode



Developer Mode

Here’s the button’s condition

And these are the Workflow options that I have


Hope someone can assist. Please let me know if you need a video to explain or if this is clear enough.

Thanks so much,

Your checkbox source should be get option the same way drop down source is get option. Don’t set checkbox source as the drop downs value.

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Thanks so much for your reply. Would it be possible for you to be a bit more clear. I unfortunately have no idea what you mean. Thanks so much

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