Linking the input to the database

hi, im now trying to create an apps for building diagnostic. at the end of it will generate the suggestion for renovation. it consist question and answer (input variable) which lead to the suggestion…but i dont know how to link the answer with the suggestion.


This should be fairly straightforward. If this flowchart is pre-defined, you can use custom states to navigate the user as he/she enters the inputs. Eg.for the first question (The Roof is steep slope), that text can hold a custom state boolean value. The subsequent 2 options will have a condition linked to this custom state and will show/hide depending on the user input. You can do this for each input and achieve what you are trying.

Happy to help in case this wasn’t clear.

Many thanks for your reply. Could u please explaination more about custom state?

One way would be to have two fields in your questions table called say, next_yes and next_no, for the follow-on question if the user chooses yes or no respectively. These fields will be of type Question as well.

So, table Question (question_text (text); next_yes (Question); next_no (Question))

On your page, you could hen have a group of type question with the content initially set to the first question. You would have two buttons Yes & No, with workflows to (presumably save the user’s answer) and also set the group’s question to either the next_yes or nex_no question of the current question.

I hope this makes sense. By the way, the diagnoses can also be in the questions table, only without any follow-on questions. Or you could have them in their own table if you need to hold separate data for them.

I hope this helps.

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