Linking to a Related List from a Table


I have 2 primary data types:
Jobs & Bids (one-to-many relationship: jobs > bids)

I have a table with jobs and I’m trying to create either a button or a link on that table that navigates to the bid page with all of the bids related to job in the row where the button or link was clicked. I’ve tried this various ways but I’m unable to write the expression in a way that successfully sends the related bids to the bid page. It seems like the data to send should be “Current Row’s Job’s Bids”, full stop, but the expression is requiring further search criteria and at no point are the requirements satisfied as evidenced by the ‘more’ requirements in red. I encounter the same dead end when trying to accomplish this part with a workflow.

Any advice?



The data to send should be Current Row's Job and the data type of the target page should be Job. Then, in this new page you can have a repeating group or table with Current page's Job's Bids.

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It worked perfectly.

Thank you!